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                         NOTICE TO FARMINGTON WATER

                        DEPARTMENT CUSTOMERS

As a necessary part of water quality control, the Farmington Water Department will be flushing all hydrants throughout the water system.  The program this year will begin Monday morning August 12th and may continue until the end of the week.  Flushing times for different areas will vary throughout the week including both daytime and nighttime hours.  The flushing may cause some temporary instances of low pressure and discolored water.


If you have any questions please call the Farmington Water Department office at 778-4777




                                               CUSTOMERS CAN NOW PAY BY CHECK ON LINE

                                            THE FEE IS $1.5O COMPARED TO $3.00 FOR A CREDIT CARD

                                          JUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTION


                                       CLICK – ONLINE BILL PAY

                                        SELECT PAYMENT ITEM – WATER PAYMENT

                                  ACCOUNT #, AMOUNT, ADD ITEM, CHECK, SWITCH TO PAY WITH CHECK